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Everything we do, we believe in changing experiences. Designers of journeys tackling intricate technological challenges within highly dynamic and complex environments.

We are a minority-owned small business that draws upon over 25 years of collective expertise to deliver comprehensive Management and IT solutions.

Our Solutions

CX Managed Services

Elevate your business success with our Human-Centered Design Services. We specialize in crafting seamless, top-tier customer experiences that foster loyalty to drive success

Generative AI and Automation

Welcome to the future of streamlined operations and unparalleled efficiency with our GenAI, Analytics, and Automation Services.

Governement Solutions

Navigating the intricate landscape of governance demands precision, reliability, and innovative solutions, and that's precisely what our Government Solutions offer.

Extended Reality

Step into a realm of XR where reality meets boundless imagination with our Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) solutions.

Dell IT Infrastructure Solutions

In Partnership with Dell Technologies we offer a cutting-edge range of hardware, software, and support services


Transgorm data into actionable inelligence

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Ready to unlock your company's full potential through tailored IT solutions? Let's start a conversation. Discover how our expertise can streamline operations, boost efficiency, and drive innovation within your business. Don't let technology be a hurdle—let's discuss your IT requirements and pave the way for your company's digital success today.

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ESG and Social Impact

Cultivating Inclusion

We are dedicated to a comprehensive inclusion policy that permeates every facet of our operations, catering to the diverse needs of our team, customers, and communities.

By emphasizing connectivity and the outcomes derived from collaboration, we strengthen our dedication to cultivating an inclusive environment for all.

Transforming Lives

Introducing an exciting collaboration: our extended partnership with the Linares Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to amplifying proficiency in disruptive innovation technologies among underrepresented groups.

Their bold mission—to promote and deliver cutting-edge educational content specifically tailored for women, Hispanics, and other minority communities in IT.

Upholding Trust

At IG DIGITAL, trust is more than a cornerstone—it's the heartbeat of thriving partnerships. It's the assurance that commitments are honored and challenges are faced hand-in-hand. Beyond mere transactions, trust is the bedrock upon which collaboration, growth, and mutual success flourish.

We cultivate an environment where honesty, integrity, and radical empathy thrive.